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Genvex ventilation machines and filters


We will design your ventilation system to give you the clean fresh air, you and your home needs. Our system if Sap Appendix Q listed so it is approved to meet the latest building requirements.

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BRE tested to be better or equal to spiral ducting, (PlumbaVent S90) - Guaranteeing all your connections are truly airtight. Our fitting crews will install the system in stages as you require for the build.

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Find all your supply needs using our extensive and complete store. You can fit your own system using these simple fast and secure parts.

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Commission & Service

Controlled indoor environment, removing Co2, moisture, pollutants. Insuring your home and occupants are breathing healthy clean air. The system is adjusted to the design air flow for each room as designed.

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More information about our products and general ventilation information

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Our team will work with you to design and plan the perfect ventilation system for your house.

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Easy to use system for air duct connection to make it fast and sure each time.

A System developed to make installation easy and secure and provide a life time of safe air for household.

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Wall Ventilator with heat recovery

This unit when installed on an outside wall will provide room ventilation with heat recovery up to 96%. They can work independently or as a system connected to other units in the same room or throughout the building to provide clean fresh air with controlled moisture and Co2 levels.

Models available

Ventilation with heat recovery

This unit replaces the holes in the wall that do not ventilate correctly. Take control of the air you breathe in your home or office. 

Suitable for new build or an existing building. Simply remove the grill slide this ventilator into place plug in and enjoy fresh clean all day.

Some features at a glance

Quiet - Energy efficient - remote control - humidity control - heat recovery - Light sensor - Easy install.

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All our systems and designs are certified and tested across the European Union and Great Britain.

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