Extraction system only or a full ventilation with Heat recovery. We will design the most appropriate air management system for your home or office. This system will manage the air you breath maintaining a fresh controlled environment.


Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Full ventilation system with heat recovery in winter and bypass mode in summer using exterior air to cool the interior.

Filtered clean air for your home environment

- Low noise system

- Fully managed system

- Clean duct works anti static & anti-bacteria


Continuous Mechanical Extraction Ventilation

Extracts air form the wet areas and replaces it via air vents in the walls and / or windows.

-Ensures air is moved from the Building

-Controls moisture odours from the wet rooms.

- Air changes guaranteed.

Design and Suitability

We will analysis the plans and Engineers requirements to develop options for you-to decide which is the best path to proceed while still maintaining the Building regulations.

Give this cost saving calculator a go - just enter the building size and the Ber rating you are planning. You get an estimate on energy saving for each option of ventilation.

SEAI requirements

Self Builders guide to ventilation and new NZEB regulations

Qualification required to install ventilation systems in Buildings

Co2 indoor air quality

Cost saving guide to each option

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