Ventilation options

3 main options for ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery is the the ultimate in ventilation control. A ducted system allows a central unit supply clean, fresh air to each room and in doing so removes unwanted air from the bathrooms, kitchen and utility.

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Room Ventilation with heat recovery

This unit replaces the holes in the wall that do not ventilate correctly. Take control of the air you breathe in your home or office. 

Suitable for new build or an existing building. Simply remove the grill slide this ventilator into place plug in and enjoy fresh clean all day.

Some features at a glance

Quiet - Energy efficient - remote control - humidity control - heat recovery - Light sensor - Easy install.

Wall Ventilator with heat recovery

This unit when installed on an outside wall will provide room ventilation with heat recovery up to 96%. They can work independently or as a system connected to other units in the same room or throughout the building to provide clean fresh air with controlled moisture and Co2 levels.

Models Available


Continuous Mechanical Extraction Ventilation

As the name suggests, this unit will extract from the kitchen and wet areas on a continious basis. Fresh air enters the building through wall vents or window slots.
It will keep the house fresh but unlike the previous two there is no energy recovery.

Further detail
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  • Certification

    We are certified by the British Plumbing Employers Council to design, install and commission ventilation systems.

  • Passive House

    Certificate holders for the construction of highest level of Energy Efficient Houses.

  • Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB)

    We are certified under the new building standard to Design, Install and Commission ventilation systems.

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    Ventilation Ducting System

    This is a newly designed radial ducting system, with approved easy to use parts.

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    PlumbaVent S90

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