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Genvex A/S is a flexible and competent partner, delivering high-quality products - and have been doing so since 1974.

From our production facilities in Haderslev, we work continuously to develop new products and optimize existing ones. Our goals are simple: we want to deliver ventilation solutions that meets the demands of the market, contribute to a sustainable future and deliver fresh, clean air for all types of homes.

Why choose a ventilation system?

- and which should I choose?

When we suggest a ventilation system, there are many who ask us; why not just air out naturally? To that the answer is quite clear; there are some very basic advantages of a ventilation system that clearly trumps ventilation - or "natural ventilation", as it is called. Here are some of them:

  • A ventilation system is always at the forefront of the indoor climate, so you never get to where it is decidedly uncomfortable to breathe the air and you therefore have to open the windows
  • A ventilation system ventilates all rooms in the home at once, while by opening the windows you only ventilate the rooms in which you open the windows
  • A ventilation system recycles the heat, whereas you shut it out and thus lose a lot of expensive heat if you open the windows.




To change the air

It does not matter which system you choose, as there is a big difference in the amount of air that each system can "change". To "change" the air means that the CO2- and moisture-filled indoor air is sucked out of the home and into the ventilation system, which then reuses the heat to heat the fresh air, which is then blown into the home with a suitable moisture level, a suitable temperature and an appropriate speed.

In table  below you can see which facilities fit which size home:

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