PlumbaVent Story

A System developed to make installation easy and secure and provide a life time of safe air for household.

Ease of use

Easy to use system for air duct connection to make it fast and sure each time. Cut the duct - place a seal on duct - insert duct - Press clip till "CLICK"

Reliability & Quality

Class D air tightness tested to EN 12237 - Guaranteeing all your connections are truly airtight.

Air Safe

Controlled indoor environment, removing Co2, moisture, pollutants. Insuring your home and occupants are breathing healthy clean air.

Radial system Benefits

- Each room has its own supply / Extract

- Each room is easily adjusted to the required air flow

- Airtight - easy to use ducting system

- No cross-talk between rooms

- Anti static and Anti Bacterial ducting easily cleaned

- Component construction from strong industrial ABS plastic.

Easily "Click & Go"

A unique system of mechanically retaining the duct in place.

The "CLICK & G0" system allows for one person use where the clip is retracted allowing the duct with the seal to be inserted.

The clip is then inserted fully until a “CLICK” is heard.

Air Adjust

Series 90 PRO

A unique system allowing the adjustment of the air while the system is running at source, not at the outlet allowing for a quieter system.

Adjustment here is a simple valve movement - no complicated stripping the manifold down to adjust, simply adjust to the air required and go.

Slideshow with promotions

Tell your brand's story through images and text content.

Slideshow with promotions

Tell your brand's story through images and text content.

Series 90 Pro

With its larger size of 90mm giving a ideal air movement capacity of 30m3/hr and ultimate volume control- installation and setup has never been so easy.


5 configurations of manifold consisting of galvanised steel construction and a inner layer of 8mm sound absorbing foam - the manifold is easily opened for cleaning and is class D airtight.

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Plenum- outlets

Easy to install, low profile design with low air disturbance.

Manifold Connector

Fast & Secure connection, Insert Connector in location required, rotate 90 degrees, That's it you’re ready for duct.


Easy and fast to use straight duct connection. Also 90 degree bend using the same "CLICK & GO" duct connection with inbuilt air straightening technology build in.