Wall ventilator

Poor air quality in your home or office.

Poor Ventilation in your home or office

Stuffy air in your home or office can lead to tiredness, headaches, and a general feeling of not well. In an office situation it will effect performance. We are not designed to live indoors. We require fresh clean air to preform at our best. Indoor air becomes stale with Co2, moisture, and poison gasses in a very short time when we are in a closed room. Outdoor air has a Co2 level of approx. 400 ppm but it soon builds to over 1500 parts per million. Our bodies react to this by becoming tired and sleepy. 

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Help to resolve your poor air quality.

Wall ventilator for clean air

This unit replaces the hole in the wall that do not ventilate correctly. Take control of the air you breathe in your home or office. 

Suitable for new build or an existing building. Simply remove the grill slide this ventilator into place plug in and enjoy fresh clean all day.

Some features at a glance

Quiet - Energy efficient - remote control - humidity control - heat recovery - Light sensor - Easy install.

Easy Install

2 options on fitting

100mm option can slot into the existing vent hole or the 160mm option is available for new builds or new ventilation holes.

When installed simply plug in and switch on for clean fresh air. 

the units can be installed if required with no access to the exterior for high level instalation. 



  • Keep the air fresh
  • Filter incoming air
  • Maintain heat or cool in the room
  • Remove poison gasses
  • Remove moisture
  • Intelligent air movement using moisture meter and light sensor
  • Remote control for setting your preference
  • Simple " plug and play"
  • Units can be connected together to all work  and achieve the goal



The ultimate objective is to maintain clean air without drafts or noise. This Italian made machine is a quality build unit providing these objectives. 

They are particularly useful in situations where no ventilation has been provided in homes and offices.

When energy efficiency is critical, they operate at 3 to 6 watts of power and conserve heated spaces and cool spaces as required.  They have a A rated class.

Remote control

The ventilation unit is controlled with a Remote control when changes are required.

Fan speed, 

Function heat recovery mode

Night mode

Extraction only 

Supply only

Moisture monitoring

Timer for different modes

or just Automatic and the machine will control

Heat recovery unit Ambientika advanced+ with 100 mm diameter hole. Designed for bathrooms. Or the 160 model is no ventilation hole previously exists. 

Humidity and light sensors;

Device has various settings and programs;

The electrical contacts of the two buttons (On /Off and Speed control) can also be wall mounted;

It is also possible to connect the product to the home automation network (Building automation);

Heat recovery efficiency up to 93%;

Made of high-quality resistant materials of 

Double separate filters for inflowing and outgoing air, easily removable.

High efficiency EC motors

Reduced power consumption;

Silent operation;

It is possible to duct the exhaust air with a tube of the same diameter to a distance of up to 3 meters. For ducting the exhaust air with the necessity of deviation, the maximum length of the duct (including a 90° bend) will be of 2.5 meters;

Easily removable and washable filters and heat exchanger;

100mm model 


Recommended room space per system      up to 15 m2

Air flow                up to 30 m3/h

Heat recovery efficiency       93 %

Noise level at 3m.    13 - 37 decibels

Power consumption        3,2 - 5,9 W

Energy efficiency class.     A

Voltage     230 Vac - 50 Hz

Filter       G3, washable but can be change to F5 for pollen protection

Protection class      IP44

Diameter       100 mm

Mounting hole diameter      110 mm

Length         250 - 500 mm

European Quality Certificate CE         2-year warranty

160mm model 


Recommended room space per system. up to 30 m2

Air flow.   up to 60 m3/h

Heat recovery efficiency     93 %

Noise level at 3m       13 - 37 decibels

Power consumption     3,2 - 5,9 W

Energy efficiency class      A

Voltage       230 Vac - 50 Hz

Filter     G3, washable

Protection class     IP44

Diameter  160 mm

Mounting hole diameter    120 mm

Length    250 - 500 mm

European Quality Certificate CE      2-year warranty

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