Plumbavent Services


Our main objective is to help you decide which option best suits your requirements. 

  • Space available to install whichever system you decide.
  • Instal timing is the building new and at a position to allow an install. Or is it an existing building with ventilation issues.
  • The budget may dictate which system you choose. This blog may give you more information on system costs.  Guide to system cost.
  • Do you want to install yourself? Ventilation systems are relatively easy to install with practical knowledge, a design and some instruction videos available on our YouTube channel. 
  • If you would like to install yourself we have some Diy kits with all the ventilation ducting parts you may need.   Selection of Diy kits.


We can provide any of these services.     Contact form

  1. Design                   If you send us you PDF plans we can determine options.
  2. Supply                   We can supply all the parts for a ventilation system.
  3. Installation             If required we can install for you.
  4. Commissioning      Provided you follow our design, we can provide this.
  5. Servive                   We stock all the parts require including filters.