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Ventilation and apartments

Ventilation and apartment living

This article discusses the signs of poor air quality in apartments and houses and suggests solution to poor air quality and subsequent mould growth.

S90 Plumbavent ducting system

Best Home Ventilation system

Ventilation with heat pump

Ventilation with heat pump

Genvex ventilation unit installed

What is a HRV system?

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Ventilation for my home

Ventilation for my home

Ventilation is an essential component when thinking about your home or the future home of your dreams. When it comes time to consider a new place to live and raise...

Live longer with clean air

Live longer with clean air

Live Longer, Breathe better. We spend about 90% of our time indoors. We are not designed to live indoors. We need fresh clean air for our bodies to flourish. The...

Positive Input Ventilation  PIV

What is PIV? Positive ventilation

This article sets out the description of what a PIV system is and some of the advantages and disadvantages.

S90 Plumbavent ducting system

Best Home Ventilation system

As a Engineer, Building contractor and now a Ventilation installer. This is a brief history of my knowledge why I believe that the ducting system we supply is the best...

Frame less ceiling valve connected to Plumbavent S90

Ventilation frameless ceiling outlet

A ceiling ventilation outlet that can be used for supply or extraction that will blend into the background ceiling.

A roll of ducting

Plumbers business opportunity

For plumbers looking to offer ventilation as part of their plumbing service. Benefits and discounts. Use us to enhance your business.

A women breathing clean fresh air indoors.

Home Condensation

Improve the air you breathe in your home or office to improve your health.

S90 Plumbavent ventilation ducting install

90mm semi rigid ventilation ducting

Brochure on the S90 Plumbavent ventilation ducting system.

Genvex logo

Genvex Ventilation Machines

A quick guide through the Genvex line up from small heat recovery and ventilation machine to large MVHR machines with a heat pump built in to assist in cooling and...