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Plumbers looking to expand your services and offer your customers a comprehensive ventilation solution? Look no further than Plumbavent Ltd. We specialise in providing high-quality ventilation ducting components that could improve your options for customers . You can take control of all the plumbing in a fit-out without any conflicts. 

 Benefits for Plumbers

At Plumbavent, we understand the unique needs of plumbers and have designed our offerings to provide you with exceptional benefits:

  • Business Opportunity: Plumbavent offers plumbers the opportunity to add ventilation services to their existing business. By incorporating our ventilation ducting components, you can expand your service offerings and attract a wider customer base.
  • Instructional Videos: We provide instructional videos on YouTube to guide you through the installation process. These videos ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to seamlessly integrate our ventilation systems into your projects.
  • Free Design Service: Our team of experts offers a free design service to assist you in creating efficient and customised ventilation systems. We understand that every project is unique, and our design service ensures that you have the perfect solution for your customers.
  • Next Day Delivery: We offer next day delivery to any region in Ireland, ensuring that you have the components you need when you need them. Our prompt delivery service allows you to complete projects on time and exceed customer expectations.
  • Discounts: As a valued partner, we offer exclusive discounts on all our retail prices. This enables you to maximize your profitability while providing your customers with competitive pricing.
  • Additional Discounts: If you require Genvex ventilation machines, renowned for their exceptional Danish build quality and energy efficiency, we can supply them as part of a package. This package deal offers you additional discounts. 
  • Flexible Solutions: Whether your customers require a full Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system or an extraction-only system (CMEV), or even prefer a decentralised approach with wall ventilators, we have the perfect solution to meet their needs.

By incorporating Plumbavent's ventilation ducting components into your plumbing business, you can offer your customers a comprehensive ventilation system while expanding your service offerings. Take advantage of our benefits and elevate your business to new heights.

Contact us today to learn more about how Plumbavent can enhance your plumbing business. Together, let's create a more comfortable and healthier environment for your customers.


Business opportunity 2

Genvex Combi 185

The Genvex combi 185 is an ideal plug and play unit for apartments and residential units to a high thermal efficiency offering full mechanical ventilation and heat recovery in an Passive haus certified package. Passive cooling is controlled by the unit for the warmer days. The unit will supply heat to the residential unit and all the hot water required. The unit only requires good water pressure. Plug in water supply and then connect the unit to the domestic hot and cold system, attach the ventilation system, mains power and that it. 

In an efficient thermal unit you do not require additional heating, but the use of electric towel rails in the bathrooms and electrical outlets at potential electric radiator positions is prudent to install. We can advise on this.

  • No outdoor unit
  • water supply connect 
  • feed showers and taps direct 
  • Simple electrical connection
  • MVHR included

Business opportunity 3

Extraction only systems

A high majority of new homes use this system. It is an extraction only system that runs on a continuous basis, extracting from the kitchen and bathrooms. It has a boost button and a fault indicator which is required.  The unit will ramp up as moisture increases. 

The unit can be purchased  without ducting or purchased in kit form for the following

  residential unit size.

Kit units available

CMEV extraction unit

Business opportunity 4

Install the ducting yourself

Why give the plumbing of a ventilation system to another company, do it yourself and control the full plumbing operation avoid conflicts with duct runs. This is a simple fill in job for apprentices with little supervision when your lead plumber is doing a solo job or collecting parts required.  The install is done when you need it done.  

  • Discounts are available to trade. 

  • Orders are dispatched for next day.

  • Easy to follow layouts are provided.

  • Training videos are on line.

Contact us for a chat on what is available 

A man installing Plumbavent S90 ducting system