Ventilation Ducting Cost

Ventilation Ducting Cost


Ventilation ducting cost


What is the cost of installing a ventilation ducting system and what is involved? Looking at the benefits of installing a Plumbavent system.

Hidden ducting supply or extraction
Hidden ducting supply or extraction

The Cost

Well as in so many areas I have to use the saying

"It Depends"

But I am going to stick my neck out and give you some costs based on various situations.

Ventilation is the process of providing fresh air and removing stale air from indoor spaces to maintain indoor air quality. Proper ventilation is essential for a healthy and comfortable environment, helping to reduce the buildup of pollutants, odors, and moisture. It also plays a crucial role in controlling temperature and humidity levels. Ventilation systems can vary from natural methods like windows and vents to mechanical systems such as air conditioning and fans. Good ventilation is particularly important in enclosed spaces like homes, offices, and commercial buildings to ensure adequate air circulation and prevent the spread of airborne contaminants. By promoting airflow and exchanging indoor and outdoor air, ventilation contributes to a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant living and working environment.


Let us consider a full MVHR system

A Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is an energy-efficient ventilation system that provides fresh air while recovering heat from the outgoing stale air. Using 90mm semi-rigid ducting, the MVHR system ensures optimal air distribution throughout the building, reducing energy consumption and maintaining indoor air quality. The ducting's flexibility allows for easy installation in various spaces, maximizing the system's efficiency. By incorporating 90mm semi-rigid ducting, the MVHR system enhances air circulation, reduces heat loss, and promotes a healthier indoor environment. Plumbavent S90 ducting system is such a system if you are considering the installation in your upcoming project.




This is a costing for various homes


Euro costing


Sterling costing

What we are attempting to do here is to give you a basic understanding of the costs associated with each type of system and application


Genvex Ventilation machines

Manufactured in Denmark since 1970, these machines are one of the top brands available on the market.

Quiet, efficient, robust and simple to maintain.

Lets give you an idea of costing


Euro costing Genvex


Sterling costing Genvex


Is Genvex any good?

Well we think so. We have being fitting Genvex for over 20 years. We only fit what we think is the best as we stand over everything we sell.

How to maintain Genvex machines?

The most basic element is the filters. They must be changes at least every year. Every second year turn off the power open the front cover and clean out any dust or debris built up. Check the condensate drain by adding some water to tray and check for drainage.

Does MVHR say me money?

Well yes. (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery )The air in your home must be changed at least 1/3 of its volume every hour to maintain clean safe air for your family to breath. In winter this extracted volume of heated air is lost to the exterior. Heat recovery uses the exiting air to heat the incoming air. This saves you money over 25% of your space heating and cooling cost, this will increase depending on your insulation and airtightness of your home.

How easy is it to install ventilation ducting?

We have designed Plumbavent ducting to be as simple as "lego", with basic tools you can install our ventilation system. There are Youtube help video and great instruction available. We designed the system around the 90mm semi-rigid ducting which can flex and bend around most obstacle a construction environment.

Is Plumbavent ducting system approved?

Plumbavent ducting system has been tested by the British Research Institute as a system that can be used for the movement of air in a ventilation system and is listed on Sap appendix Q resister and is used for BER calculations.

What makes Plumbavent ducting system unique?

Unlike other systems you control the volume of air at the manifold and not at the ceiling outlet. (see manifold)

This allows for very accurate distribution of air to each room on set up. Imagine you have a room outlet plenum within 2 meters and an other room outlet plenum 15meters away. Due to pressure drops in the 15 meter pipe it is going to be difficult to balance this system. If you close the ceiling outlet in the 2 meter room so much the outlet will start to make very annoying air movement noises. So our system you control the pressure in each duct to allow for the ceiling valves to be open fully and reduce noise.

What makes a good ventilation system?

This is a system with the least resistance to air movement, using ductwork that gives minimum resistance and hence low noise and energy use. Plumbavent ducting is such a system. A system of 90mm ductwork connected to insulated sound reducing manifolds, using connections with air straightening vanes within, all to reduce air disturbance and noise.

Also important is a good quality machine with quiet and efficient operation.

How do I reduce the cost of MVHR?

Installing the system yourself is one of the best ways to reduce the cost. Plumbavent ducting system is designed to be able to install with basic tools. It is a simple system with all ducting going back to either extraction or supply manifolds. There are guides and instructions available to show you how many outlets per room. If you are building and do not want to install a full system to reduce cost and not reduce quality, you can install the ducting system and wait to install the machine when the time is right for you. You will only get one chance to install the ducting in the fabric of your house.

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