Plumbavent S90 ventilation ducting

Ventilation Ducting special price

Plumbavent S90 semi rigid ducting at a special price .

90mm anti static and anti microbial inner layer to prevent duct and bacteria from building up

Over the last few years we have used various types of ventilation ducting. 

  • Spiral metal ducting

  • Solid plastic flat and round ducting

  • 75 mm Semi rigid ducting

We have found that the 90mm semi-rigid ducting to be the best overall.

Why do we think this is the best type of ventilation ducting?


Semi rigid ducting is the fastest method of ducting to install, but it gives  the benefit of having an anti static and anti micro bacterial inner layer to prevent the long term build up of duct and potentially bacterial in the extraction ductwork. 

The 90mm is better than 75mm due to it having 30% less resistance to airflow thereby reducing the effort on the ventilation equipment to move air. Also requiring 30% less ducting to use to achieve the flow rates required to meet the regulations.

Less ducting gives a faster install.

What is the most common ductwork?

Spiral metal ducting is probally the most common due to the fact it is used in most commercial applications, and in some cases we can see it exposed. 

This does not mean that it is the best for domestic and light commercial as it has the following disadvantages.

Heavy and difficult to install

Slow to install

Can suffer from cross talk between rooms

Can be prone to build up of duct and potentially bacteria.

Plastic ducting in the form of round or rectangular has similar disadvantages but has the added disadvantage of not being strong enough to resist crushing in attic spaces.

What is the most common ductwork system?

There are two main types of system layouts.

  1. Branch system
  2. Radial system

The branch system consists of a main duct with branches off it connected to the rooms requiring ventilation.  The main branch gradually reduces in size as more branches are tapped off it. The main Branch is connected to the ventilation equipment. 

Radial systems consist of a central node with ductwork radiating from this node. The node is the distribution manifold which is connected to the ventilation source. The ductwork radiates from this manifold to the areas requiring ventilation. 

Plumbavent S90 ducting system was developed, tested and proved to be an efficient and long term effective system of ventilating homes and offices.

How  to install ducting?

Clean fresh air in our homes and offices is vital for use to function properly. The quantity must be calculated and a system must be designed to deliver this quantity and quality. The Building regulations  have  specific rates of air replacement to be achieved. 

Failure to achieve these rates could result in 

  • Poor air quality affecting your health
  • Excess moisture building up to effect the structure of the building.

Calculate what is required but we always recommend getting your system designed by a certified consultant- This guide will assist.

Our Youtube channel will assist you with advice on how to connect our system together. But really it is quite simple with basic tools.

workers installing ventilation ducting
S90 ducting connected to manifolds
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