Ventilation With heat pump

Genvex Premium 300  MVHR

Heat recovery ventilation with heat pump. This is an incredible machine. First it has a heat recovery unit which extracts 85% of the heat from the outgoing air and then a build in heat pump boosts the supply air to 35oC. We set the control to 21oC and the Eco Premium 300 will continue to supply heated air to the house. The heat pump is air to air extracting the last bit of energy from the outgoing air and boosting it to further heat the incoming air. The heat pump has a cop of 5:1 and consumes 600 watts of power. In our house we  have used this machine as our primary source and it has taken over from our gas boiler in October and part of November. The weather got a lot colder so the secondary source gas heating is being used. In the summer time when the house gets too warm the machine will reverse to an air conditioner  6000 btu. The unit consumes 600watts while heating and 1400 watts while cooling so we have also  installed pv solar and this is used to power the Heat recovery ventilation unit. As we get more information during this year I will report on it.


As you can see from the controller in this house the exterior air is 0.5 oC, room temperature is 18 and the machine is suppling air to the house at 27.8 oC