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Copy of Combi 185BP Blueline

Copy of Combi 185BP Blueline

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The Combi Bp Blueline  is a complete plug and play unit consisting of a 185 litre enamelled steel tank, heated  with the heat pump which extracts the remaining heat from the outgoing air after the passive heat exchanger has removed the heat to heat the incoming air. The Air is filtered before suppling to the home. The heat pump will primarily heat the water and will then be used to support the heating capacity of the heat recovery ventilation unit. The unit is equipped with a by-pass for summer cooling and the heatpump will be used to cool the air to the house.

  • Filtered air for the home
  • Supply air can be heated or cooled. 
  • Solar connection for the hot water tank
  • 185 litre hot water tank
  • 320m3/hr at 100Pa air supply
  • 95% heat recovery 
  • Passive house certified 
  • Cop 3.12:1 with the larger compressor
  • Summer by-pass build in

Note this machine must be fitted with a pressure relief valve for the water tank and a tundish.

Data sheet

Fitting Instruction for Combi 185BP

Optima 314 controller

Ideal for

Combi 185 BP Blueline is suitable for buildings where you want a high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption, whilst using the energy from the extract air to heat the supply air and the domestic hot water. The energy is recovered in the counterflow heat exchanger first and then the heat pump uses the residual energy. Combi 185 BP can deliver an air volume of up to appr. 320 m3/h at an external pressure of 100 Pa.

Benefits of Combi 185 BP Blueline

  • Supplies your entire family with both fresh air and hot domestic water
  • Contributes to the heating of the home through the supply air
  • Contributes to the cooling of the home in summertime.
  • High-efficiency heat pump with a low energy consumption
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