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Based in the eastern part of Ireland we supply  Genvex heat recovery and ventilation machines  along with your complete servicing needs. Genvex service with regular filter change as recommended,  is critical to maintaining your MHRV system.

We supply all Genvex filters

We supply a full Ventilation duct system which is fully tested and listed on Sap Appendix Q as required by SEAI and NSAI    PlumbaventS90

How to change your MVHR filter

It may sound obvious you must choose the correct filter for your machine. Each manufacturer designs their machine to work with certain filters.  They have tested and certified the machine to certain standards. So when you choose the filter which will protect your machine (and extend its life) purchase a genuine reseller part. 

  1. Switch off the power to the unit
  2. Remove the front panel and locate the filter housing 
  3. Remove the filter door 
  4. Take note of any flow arrows and the orientation of the filter
  5. Inspect for any dust or debris in this area, if necessary vacuum the area.
  6. Replace the filter insuring the correct orientation
  7. Close the inspection door and repeat the same procedure for the other side.
  8. Record on the machine the date of change or record on your digital calendar when you changed the filter.

When should you change the Filter on MVHR?

Well to be it depends! There is no need to change your filters if they are in good condition but typically we would recommend to inspect every 6 months and replace every year.  At the 6 month interval have a look at the filter and vacuum gently. If there is any damage - replace  as damaged leaking filters will cause machine issues. Equally blocked filters will reduce your machine efficiency. 

If you live in a area with low air quality regular changing of the filters is highly recommended. 

One thing to note when you inspect your filters is that you may not be aware of  the micro pour blockage which cannot be cleaned. So a filter may look clean but could indeed be very inefficient. This is especially important for F7 pollen filters.

The G4 filter which is a grade used as a minimum in MVHR and HRV units can be cleaned and you should get  life of one year from this filter.

What grade of filter should I use?

As a minimum G4 but my preference is to use F7 pollen filter on the air supply to the house and then G4 on the return air from the house to protect the heat exchanger in the MVHR unit.

The F7 filter gives a high degree of protection against 2.5 micron particles which are of risk to human health. They also are sometimes referred to a pollen filters and as the name suggests they are excellent at preventing pollen from entering the air system. 

Genvex machine types

ECO 190, ECO 275, ECO 375, ECO 300, ECO 360ECO400, GES Energy models, Premium 250 300 500 models, Combi 185.

 We stock filters for all these models including some of the older models.

Genvex filters

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