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Co2 Monitor

Co2 Monitor

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Co2 Monitor has been developed to monitor levels of Carbon Dioxide in offices, schools, kitchens or labs. The monitor has a backlit traffic light display. As CO2 levels increase the backlight will change from green to Yellow. If the levels continue to rise the backlight will change to red. 

This highly advanced electronic unit is self calibrating.

Plug and play - mount on a wall within the room away from doors and windows. Plug into standard 3 pin socket. The unit is supplied with a 1.5 meter cable with plug. 

The unit can be used to switch on a fan or a device as required. The traffic light system GREEN, AMBER & RED.

Green all good with a good level of ventilation

Amber ventilation recommended

Red Ventilation highly recommended.

Discounts are available for 2 or more.

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