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Premium preheat 500

Premium preheat 500

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Premium 500 is a air to air heat recovery ventilation unit with heat pump. The unit extracts air from the desired areas transferring the heat to the incoming air filtering as is passes through the unit. The unit will also function to cool the incoming filtered air. All controlled through a simple touch screen. 

  • 650 M3/hr at 100Pa
  • 91% efficient heat exchanger
  • 200mm connections
  • Can be fitted with F7 pollen filters
  • Heating and cooling effect.
  • Can be the only source of heat in the temperate months.
  • COP for the 5.1:1 657w to 2800w heat
  • Cooling capacity  1612W

Data sheet for Premium 500 preheat 

Controller Optima 301 

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