An installed Premium ventilation unit with cooling.

Warm house?

Is your home or office too warm?

Well this seems to be feature for so many new and existing homes at the moment. It has come about from a combination of reasons, our climate getting warmer, sealed well insulated homes that have been built to a new standard of airtightness to save energy. Poorly installed or not correctly operating ventilation systems?? 

Genvex Premium range.

Ventilation with air conditioning for the summer and heating for the winter. This machine provides fresh air to the home or office using a heat pump to cool the incoming air to a more acceptable level.

Here you see a picture of the machine open.

A short video on the operation of the machine. 

A summers day

This was taken yesterday in my home. The room temperature was over 23 degrees and I have set the required temperature at 20 degrees. The machine has started the heat pump and is now cooling the incoming air to 14.4 degrees. 

It will continue to do this until the temperature in the house reaches 20 oC

A cold Winter day.

This picture was taken when the outside temperature was 0.5oc outside.

The machine is set to 20oc so the heat pump is engaged to remove heat from the outgoing air to heat the incoming air to 27oC. 

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